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pianoSonoma’s summer festival in beautiful Sonoma County offers the perfect blend of musical inquiry and delicious culinary experiences in a picturesque setting. We are delighted to get to know our new participants and welcome back old friends! Emi and Wendi for pianoSonomaWhen preparing for your trip, please remember to bring the following items:

For practice and performance—
  • Repertoire | Remember to bring your copies of the repertoire assigned and any additional pieces you would like to study in your private lessons. Please bring additional copies or PDF files of your music to share with your colleagues in performance classes. In consultation with our Artistic Directors, please choose ONE short piece or ONE movement from a larger piece to work on with your assigned Artist in Residence. Feel free to bring multiple solo works, including at least one piece that you would feel comfortable performing. For information on the daily schedule, click here.
  • Metronome/Practice Aids | We strongly encourage you to bring a metronome. If you normally practice with other practice aids, we suggest you bring those as well.
  • Pencils/Pens | pianoSonoma will have a limited number of pencils in each rehearsal room, but bringing your own is always a good idea.
For attire—
  • Cool, casual clothes for daily schedule | We like to create a casual atmosphere during the festival day. Clothes that allow you to practice and rehearse comfortably are best.
  • Evening and recital attire | There will be a number of evening excursions and a final participant recital at the end of the week for which you may want to dress up.
  • Sweaters | Pack a sweater or cardigan for chilly wine country mornings and evenings.
  • Comfortable shoes | Comfortable shoes are a must in order to better explore vineyards and enjoy walks around Sonoma.
For the elements—
  • Sun hat/Sunglasses/Sunblock | Please note that the walk from the dorms to the Green Music Center is unshaded, so be prepared for some hot California sun in the afternoons! Also, pianoSonoma lunches will take place outside.
For those staying in the Sonoma State University dorms—
  • Toiletries | The university provides linens, towels, and soap. Participants should plan to bring all other toiletries.
  • Swimwear | Participants staying in the dorm will have access to an outdoor swimming pool.


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