2021 Artist in Residence Fellowship

pianoSonoma is committed to supporting our Artists in Residence, especially during the pandemic. We have raised funds through individual donations and gift-matching by pianoSonoma specifically for the purpose of establishing a one-time Artist Fellowship. Our 2020 Artists in Residence will receive a fellowship and engage in creative projects and brainstorming sessions on the future of the arts in our post-pandemic landscape.

Fellowship requirements:

  • Participate in two one-hour brainstorming sessions pertaining to the future of pianoSonoma
    • First session: Artists and Directors only. We will form break-out groups with specific topics to be reported back to the larger group.
    • Second session: Artists, Directors, and pianoSonoma Board Members will be present to hear your ideas.
  • Artistic creation in video format: create something artistic that contributes to the mission of pianoSonoma and engages more audiences. This can be an artist message, a performance, or something else of your choosing. Be prepared to have pianoSonoma share this creation with its fans and audience members.

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